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21 Tax Tips #4 Foreign Property Form T1135

Holding foreign property in the tax year with a total cost over $100,000 must be reported on form T1135, due on the same date as your tax return is due.

The penalties for late reporting are $25/day, up to $2500 max.


- funds or intangible property (patents, copyrights, etc.) situated, deposited or held outside Canada
- tangible property situated outside Canada
- a share of the capital stock of a non-resident corporation
- shares of corporations resident in Canada held outside Canada
- an interest in a non-resident trust that was acquired for consideration
- an interest in a partnership that holds a specified foreign property unless the partnership is required to file Form T1135
- a property that is convertible into, exchangeable for, or confers a right to acquire a property that is specified foreign property
- a debt owed by a non-resident, including government and corporate bonds, debentures, mortgages, and notes receivable
- an interest in a foreign insurance policy
- precious metals, gold certificates, and futures contracts held outside Canada

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