About me


My clients know me as
their Tax Fairy Godmother,

because I help them go from feeling anxious and depressed about their taxes and financial situation to feeling confident, making bold moves to improve their lives, reduce debt, and establish a legacy of healthy financial habits.

Tax Fairy Godmother - Debbie Horovitch

Whether you’re many years behind in filing your taxes, or you have never filed, or you are always filing on time, so many Canadians are just like you, and how I used to be: unaware of the personal benefits and the confidence that can come from learning legal ways to reduce their taxes, through tax incentives and programs that apply to regular people in everyday life.

Most of my clients are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40's. The ones who receive the largest amounts of back refunds and benefits from filing their tax returns are earning low income (or no income at all), and people with a side hustle that loses money -- and often they’re people who have a hard time approaching financial professionals for help. They often struggle just to get by, and also to establish a financial foundation from smart money management, because they’ve never been able to find accessible, non-judgemental tax help.

Every Fairy Godmother has their origins story, and this is mine: My own experience with taxes came from being thrust into full-time self-employment in 2009. Even though I was a passionate and talented media producer and project manager, I wasn’t financially literate in bookkeeping and taxes at all. I did everything wrong, or not at all, from the start. I mistakenly believed I could just get to a point in business where I would hire someone to help me clean everything up. But instead, imposter syndrome kept me small, creating a catch-22 that required me to overcome my own financial literacy issues before I could have a financially successful business.

Neurodivergence kept me happily focused on growing my producer skills, until one day when the CRA said to me “Debbie, you have 90 days to file the last ten years of taxes, or we’ll be forced to take legal action against you”, which scared the crap out of me. I had to focus over the next 90 days to get it all done, but I also realized I needed to overhaul everything about my approach in business - starting with how I managed my money and thought about taxes. I decided to learn everything I could about my own tax situation, to figure out how to dig myself out of the hole. Along with taking accounting & tax courses, the next year I became a CRA registered tax professional working with a big-name tax office, and when my tax season contract ended, during the pandemic, I began specializing in helping people who are just like was: 5-10 years behind, self-employed, and ADHD or anxious about dealing with the CRA.

Ways Tax Fairy Godmother Helps Clients:

Increased personal confidence from adulting well and managing your life and your money

Sleep better at night knowing your taxes are accounted for and your books are in order

✓ Finally begin to move forward with your BIG life plans that will require money to execute

✓ Taxes become less scary and overwhelming, a way for you to manage and save your money better

21 Tax Tips I’ve learned over the past 3 years, from working with more than 500 clients, and well-over 1500+ filed returns. Once you KNOW these tips you can apply them in your everyday life.

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