Dear Tax Fairy

Will You Help Let Other Financially Stressed Canadians Know They’re Not Alone?

Have you ever had tax-related worries that keep you up at night? Perhaps you’ve been putting off dealing with the CRA for some time, feeling uncertain, embarrassed, or just plain overwhelmed with years of back taxes to straighten out, correct, clean up, and file. Take heart, you’re not alone in this.

Through my years of working with fellow Canadians who are overwhelmed by tax responsibilities, I've heard countless stories about the reasons behind avoiding tax filings and what situations eventually nudged folks to get back on track. These anecdotes sparked an idea: why not address your trickiest, most tangled tax questions through our new "Dear Tax Fairy" column?

Consider it a modern-day spin on those classic "Dear Abby" letters. Here’s the deal – send in your most messy, stressful, and complex specific or general tax queries, concerns, or doubts to If your question is chosen, we’ll publish it anonymously (without revealing personal information) and pair it with our best insights or advice.

Our goal is to create a shared resource for all Canadians navigating complex, embarrassing, or challenging tax situations. We're here to fix and reframe tax and money-related stress, empowering lives and fostering a more financially literate community and future.

By participating in our Dear Tax Fairy column, you won't just help others facing similar tax puzzles; you’ll also contribute to enhancing Canadian financial literacy overall. It’s an opportunity to have your burning tax questions addressed and potentially offer comfort to others grappling with similar issues. Most importantly, reframing how you think and feel about your tax & financial situation can positively impact your relationships and success with everyone else important in your life: your kids, partner, family, friends, colleagues and community. By sending in your question, you’ll be helping me help impact the financial confidence of generations of Canadians.

Rest assured, your privacy is paramount to us. We'll keep all submissions anonymous across our platforms and may not directly respond to individual queries. Instead, we’ll address related topics through published content, ensuring your confidentiality at every step.

By sharing your stories or inquiries with us, you agree to have them anonymously published on Tax Fairy Godmother platforms, profiles, or third-party Canadian mass media channels. Your experiences could serve as valuable insights for others navigating similar challenges.

If you’ve been pondering any Canadian tax-related queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let's decode these complexities together and build a more financially empowered Canadian community!

Thank you for your contribution!

Tax Fairy Godmother
Debbie Horovitch

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